Is Kind of Disappointing

I got an invite to the beta of I signed up and checked it out, and I must say, I was thoroughly unimpressed. The concept is that one can discover new music by entering the name of an artist or song they like. I tried three different artists and two different songs. All three of these returned zero recommendations. While the artists were not exactly mainstream, I discovered them through, my current favorite music discovery service.

Mufin's site is clean and simple, unfortunately, it seems their repertoire may be as well. Give them some time to build up their musical vocabulary before rushing out to find a beta invite. They may be fresh out of the oven, as they say on their Twitter feed, but I don't think they're quite done on the inside.


  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Have you tried the "music discovery" site that Peter Gabriel has? I tried early on but haven't lately.


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