An Interesting Article I Found

Here's an article I found researching a paper for my mass media class. I only scanned it but it definitely piqued my interest. It's about several large corporations and their human rights violations. I'm very curious about what constitutes and "human rights violation" in their estimation.

Here's the article


Last Night Was Incredible

We finally got dsl at home. (Skies part, angel choruses sing, etc.) Unfortunately I was too busy doing homework to blog. It was beautiful though. Instead of watching reruns of Seinfeld and South Park while doing homework I was able to catch up on my 30 Rock and watch the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice. It's hard for me to believe that Omarosa can really treat people the way she does and still be respected. I'm gonna assume the producers have chosen her to be "the bitchy one" and just cut the episodes to make it look worse than it actually is.

School this morning. Work after school. Home for a quick dinner. Back to school tonight. Tuesday's are my long days.

I know I keep promising more thoughtful posts. So consider this another promise. There should be some spare minutes at home when I can take some time. Also, I'm considering starting a blog called "Reflections of a Church Plant" or something like that, and trying to memorialize my experience over the last 6+ years with Cedar Hills. I got as far as creating the blog and I have several posts outlined.


5 Minutes to Class Time

i'm getting ready to start my journ 3 class. i haven't put up a decent post in wuite a while and i'm missing it. soon we'll have internet at home and i'll do something. it's just hectic for now.

here's current me.


The Key to Happiness

Also, real quick before I go. Here's a cool article about the connection between relationship and happiness.

This is 2008 But I Have No Internet Access

It's very strange to be disconnected from the world as a whole (which is how I feel). We got an apartment, we've been getting furniture from friends and I start work on Monday. School is going pretty well. After spending so much energy trying not to work after hours it's hard for me to remember to think about school when I'm not there. The good news is that I'm getting caught up and enjoying my classes.

Anywho, borrowed network, borrowed computer. It's time to get home. Home. It's nice to say that again.



I've become increasingly interested in the technology industry. A friend of mine, Melissa Burns of Mobility PR has been helping me to get my foot in the digital door of tech news and comment. From my perusal this evening of NewTeeVee, GigaOM, FOUND|READ and various others, it appears a cornerstone of the tech industry is change. I'm excited to delve more deeply into this world. In the meantime, I'll be spending my mornings at Fresno City College and my afternoons at Valet Organizers.


WiMAX and Your Future Wi.S.P.

I heard a story on N.P.R. today about WiMAX. Apparently Intel and Sprint have been pushing it for a couple years now, but it's starting to get some more attention. The correspondent was reporting from C.E.S. and talking about its potential. Basically, WiMAX is a wireless broadband technology that allows a Wi.S.P. to blanket an entire area with broadband internet access. The N.P.R. correspondent took a ride in a car equipped with WiMAX. Obviously there was mapping capability. (I don't understand the fascination with gps mapping in vehicles. Do we really have no idea where we're going? Maybe I just haven't tried the right system.) I was more interested in the streaming media possibilities. The radio was hooked into a Rhapsody subscription, putting virtually limitless music at the driver's fingertips.

The more important thing that I learned about myself personally is that I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I could feel my pulse rising listening to the story. Imagining myself with a WiMAX equipped car, phone and laptop was enough to make my foot heavy on the gas pedal. I hope with all this schooling I am able to get a job in the technology industry somewhere. I'm getting excited already.


Fresno, Fresno, Bo-Besno

We finally arrived at our destination this afternoon around 2:30. It ended up taking 3 days since we stopped in Davis and spent the night with Jen's brother Carson and his wife Karen. It was great to spend some time with them.

Here in Fresno, it's great to see my family again. Blake was home when we got here. We had some lunch and hung out. Then Ani got to open her Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa. She had a blast! The family's doing well and of course very excited to see their granddaughter.

Later on we went over to Ryan and Becca's house to say hi and drop off some musical gear they're gonna store for us. It was great to see them and we're really looking forward to hanging out with them.

When it came time to unpack our two vehicles, it was all too obvious that our stuff was not gonna fit into the space my folks have available. It's a bummer on one hand, but it'll also allow us to feel more settled with a place of our own. We're looking for something cheap and decent so if you've got connections, hook us up. we're looking in the $600-$700 range within biking distance from Fresno State. Got a couple leads and we'll follow up on Monday.

More updates will be forthcoming. Hopefully I'll be sharing that we found a great place, I found a great job (another thing I'm looking for) and school is beginning without much excitement. I guess we'll see what happens.


moving day...almost

I got to bed shortly after 1 last night. This morning we went over to Larry's house for breakfast with him and the Daughertys (Jen's sister's family). It was a great morning, if a little early. We spent the rest of the day packing, cleaning and more packing and cleaning. My wife is a dynamo. During this pregnancy she's really been needing her rest. The late night combined with the early morning and the tons of work to do, she was incredible.

We were trying to leave on Wednesday but decided that with the errands we have to run and our strong desire to make the trip in 2 days instead of 3, we'll just leave on Thursday. I think we're gonna spend the night with Jen's mom tomorrow night in Spokane. We'll be an hour and a half closer.

Delirium is setting in as the 10 o'clock hour begins. I'm gonna try to get a bunch of photos of the trip. Hopefully I'll remember.