the new wave in concert souvenirs

i recently signed up as an artist at discrevolt.com. i was turned on to this site by ryan townsend of the overdubs when he sent me a few of his cards. the basic idea is that an artist uploads their music to this site, uploads artwork, and then creates a debit-sized card that is good for downloading 15 songs. the idea is that while cds are more or less passe, it's still cool to have something to sell at a merch table. if you're peddling cds, the likely scenario is that the new owner will take it home, load it into their computer, enjoy the artwork while it's importing and then shelve it to be forgotten. the idea with discrevolt is that you still have something tangible to take home, but instead of ripping it, you go to their site and download the music. here's the beauty. let's say the album i've just purchased a card for has 12 tracks, but the card's good for 15 tracks. now i can take those other 3 credits, browse the featured music of other artists and buy 3 more songs with my leftover credits. i like that. plus, the cards are high quality and cool to collect while also being less bulky than a cd. and if you've ever bought a cd at a show and then tried to fit it into your pocket only to find yourself walking funny or whincing every time the sharp plastic edge digs into your thigh, you're gonna love discrevolt.com.


The Weiner Nation

...doesn't quite have the same ring as "the Savage nation." Maybe that's why Michael decided to change his last name.

sometimes i'm a freedom fighter, sometimes i'm a wermacht

i've been playing day of defeat source. it's a pc game that is based on ww2 that includes online play with and against other people who don't prioritize their time well. i bought this game with a best buy gift certificate that igot for Christmas (thanks eban). it's a blast! i can logon anytime day or night and find people to play with. you can choose to be apart of the us team or the german team, or you can allow the server to choose for you. all things being equal, i choose the us team - mostly because the sniper rifles have better sights, but it also just feels alittle better - but my priority is on joining the team that's losing or short-handed.

in recemt days, i've found myself attempting to philosophically justify playing video games. it's a tough task. sure, it's entertainment. sure it's enjoyable. that doesn't mean there's necessarily any redeeming quality to them. for now i'm contented with that, but i still feel like it's something i should hide. that seems strange.

are there things in your life that you feel you should hide and yet you know it's no big deal?


a funny video i made for my church

here's a comedic look at what happens when two fans are praying for opposing football teams.


incredible advice for life improvement

i find that my life intersects with my job on many different levels. i tend to attribute this to the fact that as a pastor in a local church, you're always sort of, "on." more recently, however, i'm realizing that the more i enjoy what i'm doing, the more excited i am about this project or that, the more my professional and personal lives intersect.

a couple weeks ago, i stumbled across a blog entitled "brazen careerist." those of you who know me, know that this isn't likely to tickle my fancy (if you will). however, the posts were intriguingly titled and drew me in.

now, 3 weeks later, i've become an addict. my brazen buddy generally focuses on business & time-management issues, and she does so with personality. i've learned some great tactics for workplace efficiency. and the best result for me has been an actual interest in how to become more efficient at work. she's found a way to make professional development sound like more than just a buzz word to convince my boss that i deserve more money. her column has inspired me to become a more efficient person. i may not be there yet, but i'm on the way.


it's all about the benjamins, baby

jen and i recently joined a class taught by a couple in our church, called financial peace university. it's a class that will teach us the skills and help us muster the sense of urgency necessary to get our finances in ordr, get out of debt and begin building wealth for the future. the content of the class is great. the guy who designed it, dave ramsey, is the speaker on the video presentation that we watch each week. his speaking style is annoying and cheesey as hell, but the info's good.

along those lines, i just read this article from msn. this woman is gonna live on a salary of 12,000 this year. she talks about how she'll make it work and how she's made it work in the past. this story is really inspiring to me. i'm not even close to disciplined enough to live the sort oflifestyle she's talking about, but there's something in me that gets excited about being broke, at least philosophically. i guess to me, it means that i'd know what i can do without and consequently be more willing to save or give away the money that would go to such things. as it is now, i love to give but i still think of myself first. i want to help friends but my resources run dry really quickly.

what's your favorite way to save money?

more great links:



i want a mac! on second thought, maybe not.

macs seem to be the new ipods. (what?) they're cooler than the competition, sleek, simple and geared toward the creative mind. ironically, the image of the mac (which i love and which makes me really, really want one because i know it'd put me in the running for cool) is contrary to the reality of the mac in some respects, namely, environmentally. while i'm far from the most environmentally responsible person, i do consider it a priority. the fact that apple seems to have much less concern for environmental responsibility than the financial bottom line, makes me think twice about wanting one.

I'm not claiming to have all the facts. i'm not even claiming that the information i got is necessarily more than someone else's ad campaign. but as strong as apple's.


i can never wait!

i just finished another rough cut of the videos i've been working on for ICN. i'm still working on the first in a series of about ten, which tells me that i highly underestimated the scope of this project. nevertheless, i'm learning a ton as i go and will continue to push through to the end.

so, this newest rough cut has some real roughness to it: the voice-over's crap (i did it myself on my headset mic) and the subtitles are still being sussed out, but here's what i've got so far.

let me know what you think. is the story clear? are more or less subtitles necessary? whatever. i know the audio's really bad, but i just can never wait to post this stuff once i get to anything remotely resembling a finished product.