the newest extreme sport - spitboxing

there are a handful of blogs that i look forward to everytime my homepage pops up. (see list at right) my great days start when i see a fresh link under my favorite titles. when there's no new material, i'll be checking back every few minutes until one arrives. one of my new favorites is spitbox. it's a blogzine compiled by a couple guys who apparently have more time to read blogs than i do and yet still manage to be productive members of their respective communities. what they do is scour the internet (yes, all of it) finding the best of the christ-centered-but-not-overly-serious-and-religious blogosphere. they do a great job and it's my new first-look.

and they update this thing more often than i wonder if i'm gonna have to pay for my own lunch today. it's a must read for anyone interested in anything!

and please email if you want to buy me lunch today.

1 comment:

David said...

cool blog. Did you see the demographics map that they linked to.