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A Great New Year's Eve

Farewell Cedar Hills/Eric & Nicole Rust Are Incredible People

It Got a Lot Better Tonight

One Hell of a Day

These Quizzes Are Pretty Fun For Me

I'm Less Cool Than David Yarnell

If I Ever Get Attacked By A Kindergarten Class I'll Be Ready

Urgent Message!!

Blue Like Jazz For the Illiterate

Apparently I May Be a Sucker

To Quote Will Ferrell Playing Alex Trebek... Also Records

Communication Training Session

The Search For Truth

it seriously snowed like 10 inches last night

CHC Talk Planning Retreat 2007

How Does the Holy Spirit Interact with Us?


Black Friday Stumbling

It's 7:30am and I'm already an hour and a half late

buy nothing tomorrow!

follow-up on the previous schissler post


jeff schissler is still the man!!

Christmas music is playing already!! AHHHH!!!!!!

Higher Education, Here I Come!!

Matsiko Choir coming in 2008

worth enjoying

autumn feels spectacular

Politics Schmolitics!!! :: a political post turned biblical diatribe

plastic pastors

Acer still thinks (knows?) i'm a sucker

acer seems to be trying

Don't Buy Acer Products

john edwards seems nice


summer vaca' photos

wow, what a week!

farewell grandpa

the first few days

2 weeks in bite-sized chunks

Ani's Second Birthday

small town life is pretty sweet

ani, tayler & i

sanuk calls them sandals

i'm getting close to 30

on the topic of innnovation

the chc@dtc experiment is coming to a close