Festival at Sandpoint

What a great year at the Ivan and Alyosha were shockingly great. The buzz around town continues to include their name. Darren Smith was incredible as well. His new record, Boomtown, is really growing on me and I anticipate it'll be a staple for a while.

Rodney Crowell headlined the second Saturday - the country night. I was completely unprepared for the amazing show that night. As soon as I arrived at the grounds and heard the band warming up, I was in love. Jedd Hughes's tone and playing washed over me like a warm buzz - I was entranced. I had a chance to speak with him later when he admitted that the warm up was "just messing about" and I knew I was in for a treat. Rodney's songs and leadership of the band were masterful on so many levels. He's probably forgotten more great lines than I'll ever write. Keio Stroud was as solid as an old steam engine on the drums and Allison Prestwood's bass tone and licks were incredible as well. She wasn't flashy, that would have been out of place. She knew just where to fill, just where to lay back, and just where to rock the hell out of the low end.

I got to hang out with Jedd and Keio a bit after the show. I don't normally get star-struck, but I felt like a bumbling fool later that evening as I replayed the conversations. They were both very nice and all I could do was keep gushing about how great the show was. Sure it was embarrassing, but let that be a lesson to you all. If you ever get a chance to see any of these incredible artists either solo or together, don't miss it. You'll be in for a treat.