If You Schedule It, It Will Happen

I go through cycles where I am very into writing, playing, and producing music, and times when i don't even touch a guitar for weeks. After hearing the recording of our radio performance, I was positively motivated. I called Bruce Bishop the next day to set up a recording date. Unfortunately, he was even more ambitious than I and I had to postpone his first suggestion by a week.

All that to say that I'll be in the studio on May 30th. My goal is to get 4 to 5 songs recorded, so that I can have an ep to peddle and a good recording to help get more gigs.

I haven't heard anything from Dyno yet but I'm hoping I'll be able to get her to listen to me soon and get a date at the Festival at Sandpoint. It feels ambitious, but It's definitely doable. It's just a matter of finding a good fit for me.

In the meantime, I've got several shows lined up which can be found at http://justinlandis.com.