Thanks For the Support!

I just wanted to send a shout out to all my incredible friends who come out to hear me play music. David and Karianne Yarnell haven't missed a single show. They are incredible.

I played at the Mojo Coyote Cafe tonight at Schweitzer. A bunch of people came out and listened. These people also ordered drinks, and were very generous with me too. As I was leaving, the manager of the cafe said she wanted to have me back soon. Apparently this wine tasting was more successful than normal, as the house was packed the whole time. A whole half that house was packed with my friends, which reminds me how awesome my friends are to come out and support me, and patronize the establishment at which I'm playing.

So thank you all. I'm tempted to start naming names, but I know I'd forget someone and then feel like a total jerk, so let me just say that I am a very blessed person, and have a ton of support from my friends. I am very grateful for the support and would not make it without it.

Thanks everyone. You guys rock!


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