One Lucky Fella

I was walking home from today when I noticed a "For Rent" sign. My mind grapes started stirring ad I thought it would be awesome to have a small space where I could keep all my music gear set up. Sort of a creative, rehearsal space. However, while it may come as a shock to even those of you closest to me, I don't have hundreds of extra dollars to spend on recreational space every month.

The first call was a dead end. The second sign I saw on my way was unhelpful as well. The third call ended up being to Heather Pedersen. It took a few minutes on the phone for us to realize who each other were. To save me more typing, she offered to let me use a vacant office space until it is leased. Ya Hoo!!

So, now I've got a space to set up and get some stuff done. I'm very, very, very excited about this. I wish it was Monday already, but I'll just have to wait.

What a generous offer. Ya Hoo!!!!


Ryan Townsend said...

pretty cool...now you have no excuse but to write and record world domination hits!

jet said...

i'm late writing about this,
but yay for you! still getting to use it?

justin said...

yeah, I'm still "using" it. I think I've spent a grand total of 2 hours there. I guess my discretionary time is slimmer than I thought it was.