Technology, Media, and Accessibility

I had such a blast tonight. I worked with the crew from SandpointOnline.com to webcast the 2008 Candidates Forum at the Panida. We used Ustream.tv which worked pretty well.

Doing that reminded me how much I love doing that kind of thing. I love geting everything set up. I love troubleshooting under the gun. At one point the audioo wasn't working for several viewers. They were very patient but I couldn't figure it out. Finally, I found that the low resolution of the audio was the reason they couldn't hear anything. Eventually, I also started adding titles to tell who was speaking. Beth was runing the chat portion and Sean was manning the camera. We could have used one more computer, but it was an absolute blast.

We had up to 28 viewers at any one time, and our online viewers were actively participating with questions. It really felt like a meaningful move to increase the accessibility of events like that. I thought that was pretty sweet.

There were definitely hiccups, but it was funa nd it worked. People who wouldn't have been able to otherwise, participated. Go to Ustream.tv to see the recording of the forum.

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