We Won the Trash Challenge! Woo Hoo!

Well, our 30 Day challenge is over, and has been for like 3 weeks now. Turns out, I'm letting life run all over me.

Anyway, we won the challenge to see who could produce the least trash over a month. Here's the explanation of the whole challenge.

We did the final weigh and the yard sale on a beautiful Saturday morning in September. The yard sale actually ran Friday and Saturday. I put an ad on Freecycle letting people know that Saturday at 10am, everything would be free, thus lessening the amount of stuff I had to haul off.

The final weight was a complete toss up. I honestly had no idea who would win. At the beginning of the competition, I thought we woul dbeat them easily. At the midway point, when we were only 1 pound lighter, I started doubting our lead.

In the end, our month's trash weighed 83lbs and the Yarnells weighed 92lbs.

And the final take from the yard sale consisting entirely of salvaged goods, was $190.

Here's the video to prove it.


Hale-Yeah! said...

wow I feel like making a comment about the level of "entertainment" that youare participating in since you left Cali but that is actually pretty cool. I bet you could write an article about your experience and Relevant magazine would publish it! Nice job

justin said...

thanks for the vote of confidence. it was actually really fun. and not just the trash competition, but the trash talking with our neighbors too.

David said...

Congrats Neighbor! Nice job with the video also. Double or nothing I'm still waiting. We won't be so easy on you the second time around.