Today is the Day

It's been a month since we started our thirty-day challenge to produce the least amount of trash. We are competing with our neighbors for a prize - the proceeds from a yard sale populated only with salvaged goods. Today is the yard sale, and today we'll take the final weights of our trash cans and find out who will be victorious.

I started this whole thing very confident that we would kick David and Karianne's asses, but after our first weigh-in, we were only beating them by one pound. Since that weigh-in, they discovered bugs in a drawer full of snacks, and threw the drawers contents in the trash. Good news for us.

I'm really not sure how it's gonna shake out today. I do know that we have a whole lot of stuff to sell. About half is from our friend Dan, and about half is from dumpster diving, mostly at the Goodwill. I'm very interested to see how much money we can make today. There's a whole lot of stuff, but it's mostly outdated. I'm just hoping we can get rid of it so I don't have to haul it off tomorrow. In fact, I posted an ad on Freecycle to let everyone know that tomorrow morning at 10am, everything will be free.

Here's hoping...


Ryan Townsend said...

what ended up happening?

justin said...

i finally posted the results entry, and just a shade under month late.