These Guys Are Whiney Chumps

I'm watching the 2008 presidential debate and am very disappointed. Primarily, each of these guys is very concerned with pointing out the wrong decisions of the other. They keep claiming the other made this and that wrong decision. They also keep gainsaying the other. One will make a claim and assert that it is a verifiable, undeniable fact. Then the other will dispute it directly saying it's not true. What?!

Since when does anyone not make mistakes? Are we looking for a president who will never do something wrong? A president who will never learn new information that further informs their perspective? I'm not. But to listen to these two narcissists, one would think the primary responsibilities of the president are to never be wrong, and never change their position. How about a president who is willing to admit a mistake and apologize? How about a president who is willing to explain what new information has made them change their perspective on an issue?

Let's just say that if I lived my life the way these guys portray themselves, I would be the biggest asshole on the block, and likely with minimal friends and respect.

Wow, what a rant. Please respond with comments. I need some perspective.


Betsy said...

Ha haaaaa Justin, you are so darned funny! To me, the debate was like fingernails on a chalkboard. I am going to miss tonight's, but it should be a laugh riot. I was so glad to see Jen, Ani, and your adorable Myles!!! (sp?) Sorry I missed you. Actually, I HAVE seen you, zooming around on your bike. I hope you are writing a book or something. You are a great writer. -Betsy (of Betsy and Andy and the sailboat)

justin said...

Thanks for the kind words, Betsy. Hopefully we'll see you soon.