Can You Believe This is Vegan Pizza?

In addition to the many things happening in our life right now, not the least of which is our current 30 day challenge with our neighbors to see who can produce less trash, we have decided to take on another lifestyle change. Before the change, here's the rationale.

Our good friends Stephen and Tricia are vegetarians. We have had a few conversations about their reasons for choosing to eat vegetarian. While I respect their choice, I didn't find their reasons compelling enough to thrust me into a meatless life.

Jen was intrigued though, and began doing some research of her own. One day in particular, she told me she'd watched some videos online that I should also watch. Later that evening, I had a minute while rocking Miles to check out some online video.

The one I watched (which we later shared with David and Karianne who are also undertaking a similar lifestyle change) is called "Meet Your Meat" and is narrated by a very emotive Alec Baldwin. Here's the video. It's about 12 minutes long but well worth a watch.

Since watching this video, we've committed to not eating factory meat. We didn't decide to go vegetarian all together, but since pretty much all the meat available at local supermarkets comes from such a factory, we've effectively been vegetarians for several weeks now.

Now, in the last week, we've also tried to cut out dairy products. Partly because of the gross-out factor of eating infirm animals, and partly because of the horrible way these animals are treated including the unnatural maintenance of pregnancy and nursing states for dairy cows.

If you'd told me, even 2 months ago, that I would be eating vegetarian, let alone vegan, I would have said you were insane.

I think it's amazing the way the God's Spirit can work in my life when I am willing to put aside my ideas about some idea or challenge.


Anonymous said...

We're with you. I'm not a vegetarian, but a couple years ago, when confronted with the facts, we made some hard choices about where we get our meat.

God cares about how we treat the vulnerable, and He cares about cruelty, which makes me suspect we should, too.

Free-range, cruelty-free -- it's more expensive, so that kind of stinks, but them's the breaks.

Brant Hansen

Jenn said...

I found your blog from Brant Hansen's I just wanted to say I was a vegan for two years for the same reasons, recently I changed due to some other external reasons, I hopefully will get back to some kind of balance in regards to it all - right now I'm purchasing organic free range in effort to balance out my guilt about purchasing meat...

Regardless, I think it's wonderful and know that there are endless places of support and recipes check out the following www.theppk.com, vegandad.blogspot.com, you can also check out my recipe blog, it's a little out dated though. Also check out Amy's food at your local grocery store if you need to have those in-a-bind kinds of food stashed away - their food is organic and the company is family run.