We Won the Trash Challenge! Woo Hoo!

Well, our 30 Day challenge is over, and has been for like 3 weeks now. Turns out, I'm letting life run all over me.

Anyway, we won the challenge to see who could produce the least trash over a month. Here's the explanation of the whole challenge.

We did the final weigh and the yard sale on a beautiful Saturday morning in September. The yard sale actually ran Friday and Saturday. I put an ad on Freecycle letting people know that Saturday at 10am, everything would be free, thus lessening the amount of stuff I had to haul off.

The final weight was a complete toss up. I honestly had no idea who would win. At the beginning of the competition, I thought we woul dbeat them easily. At the midway point, when we were only 1 pound lighter, I started doubting our lead.

In the end, our month's trash weighed 83lbs and the Yarnells weighed 92lbs.

And the final take from the yard sale consisting entirely of salvaged goods, was $190.

Here's the video to prove it.


These Guys Are Whiney Chumps

I'm watching the 2008 presidential debate and am very disappointed. Primarily, each of these guys is very concerned with pointing out the wrong decisions of the other. They keep claiming the other made this and that wrong decision. They also keep gainsaying the other. One will make a claim and assert that it is a verifiable, undeniable fact. Then the other will dispute it directly saying it's not true. What?!

Since when does anyone not make mistakes? Are we looking for a president who will never do something wrong? A president who will never learn new information that further informs their perspective? I'm not. But to listen to these two narcissists, one would think the primary responsibilities of the president are to never be wrong, and never change their position. How about a president who is willing to admit a mistake and apologize? How about a president who is willing to explain what new information has made them change their perspective on an issue?

Let's just say that if I lived my life the way these guys portray themselves, I would be the biggest asshole on the block, and likely with minimal friends and respect.

Wow, what a rant. Please respond with comments. I need some perspective.


Today is the Day

It's been a month since we started our thirty-day challenge to produce the least amount of trash. We are competing with our neighbors for a prize - the proceeds from a yard sale populated only with salvaged goods. Today is the yard sale, and today we'll take the final weights of our trash cans and find out who will be victorious.

I started this whole thing very confident that we would kick David and Karianne's asses, but after our first weigh-in, we were only beating them by one pound. Since that weigh-in, they discovered bugs in a drawer full of snacks, and threw the drawers contents in the trash. Good news for us.

I'm really not sure how it's gonna shake out today. I do know that we have a whole lot of stuff to sell. About half is from our friend Dan, and about half is from dumpster diving, mostly at the Goodwill. I'm very interested to see how much money we can make today. There's a whole lot of stuff, but it's mostly outdated. I'm just hoping we can get rid of it so I don't have to haul it off tomorrow. In fact, I posted an ad on Freecycle to let everyone know that tomorrow morning at 10am, everything will be free.

Here's hoping...


Can You Believe This is Vegan Pizza?

In addition to the many things happening in our life right now, not the least of which is our current 30 day challenge with our neighbors to see who can produce less trash, we have decided to take on another lifestyle change. Before the change, here's the rationale.

Our good friends Stephen and Tricia are vegetarians. We have had a few conversations about their reasons for choosing to eat vegetarian. While I respect their choice, I didn't find their reasons compelling enough to thrust me into a meatless life.

Jen was intrigued though, and began doing some research of her own. One day in particular, she told me she'd watched some videos online that I should also watch. Later that evening, I had a minute while rocking Miles to check out some online video.

The one I watched (which we later shared with David and Karianne who are also undertaking a similar lifestyle change) is called "Meet Your Meat" and is narrated by a very emotive Alec Baldwin. Here's the video. It's about 12 minutes long but well worth a watch.

Since watching this video, we've committed to not eating factory meat. We didn't decide to go vegetarian all together, but since pretty much all the meat available at local supermarkets comes from such a factory, we've effectively been vegetarians for several weeks now.

Now, in the last week, we've also tried to cut out dairy products. Partly because of the gross-out factor of eating infirm animals, and partly because of the horrible way these animals are treated including the unnatural maintenance of pregnancy and nursing states for dairy cows.

If you'd told me, even 2 months ago, that I would be eating vegetarian, let alone vegan, I would have said you were insane.

I think it's amazing the way the God's Spirit can work in my life when I am willing to put aside my ideas about some idea or challenge.