Back in the Saddle Again

It's been far too long since I've posted. It's been far too long since I've felt a sense of normalcy in life. However, both of those things are in h process of changing. I got a job with Turfcare Landscaping while I continue to pursue a career in the tech world. They don't have a website, but I'm going to help them with that.

I've had some great meetings with some great people, like Chris Bessler at Keokee, Melissa Hammack of All Together Designs, and Jack Buser at Sony. Plus, today, my partner and I are meeting with a whole group of people from the Sandpoint area to pitch our business idea to them. We're still keeping the whole project a bit quiet since we haven't actually started anything yet. If we get positive feedback today, that will change.

Jen and I are getting settled back into our house. It's been good, but still an adjustment. Plus, we're still figuring out the multiple-kid game. Miles is starting to smile and "coo" more and Ani is as energetic as ever.

All these parts of life add up to action, fun and growth. I always get sucked into thinking that at some point, we'll pretty much have stuff figured out, and be able to sort-of float from day to day on a cloud of peaceful awesomeness. When my head's on straight, I know that life is about figuring out today. Because once I've got today figured out, it's time for tomorrow.


I'm Back, Baby!

We're almost done moving back into our house on Cedar St. in Sandpoint, Id. It feels so nice to be home. Our house here is nicer than we remembered. It feels cozy, the location is perfect, and we will (hopefully) have at least a few more months with the best next-door neighbors ever.