Brazen Careerist Spoke to Me

I regularly follow a blog by Penelope Trunk called Brazen Careerist. She writes about business and its intersection with life. I've learned a lot from her blog including how to be successful in an interview, and how to survive office politics.

I read a post the other day about a trip she took to a farm in the country. She talked about her experience with the farmer. She talked about the cultural differences, the similarities they share, and the tranquility that came from being removed, if only by an hour's drive, from the hustle of city life.

I found this post very enjoyable and refreshing. It was fun to experience the trip from her perspective. I left a comment on her blog and thanked her for the her blog.

This morning, I opened my gmail, and I had an email from Penelope Trunk.

hey, justin. thanks so much for your nice comment today. it's like an extra little post-farm gift.


I'm very impressed. I don't know what her readership is, but her Technorati authority is 1,331. Mine is 2.

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