Better Late Than Never

Miles David Landis was born at home on June, 9, 2008. He was 8lbs, 4oz, and 20" long.

Jen started labor at Ani's gymnastics class at 11am. On the way home they stopped at the park because Jen had already said they would. Justin came home from work at about noon. Ani watched the Wizard of Oz while Jen and Justin got the house tidied up and lunch prepared. Occasionally Jen would pause for a contraction, then keep on about her business. Justin started putting Ani down for a nap around 1:20, but she didn't actually go to sleep until 3:00.

While Justin was in with Ani trying to help her sleep, Jen was in the living room
From miles's birthlaboring by herself. Bekah Townsend came by with some food, and a few minutes later, the maintenance guy for the apartment complex came by to check the air conditioner's output temperature. He seemed a bit perplexed by the shower curtains duct taped together and covering the carpet. Being unsure of how the landlords might feel about a home birth in one of their units, Justin kept the purpose for the curtains on the "d-l." Luckily, he didn't ask too many questions, and left without incident. Jen had retreated to the bathroom to shower while he was there, so she resumed her posture, kneeling next to the couch and resting her head on it's pillows.

Detrah, the midwife, came, with her daughter, around 2:oo. They began getting everything set up. Contrary to what some may think, Detrah was very well-prepared for a variety of issues. She had needles filled with various emergency medications, an oxygen tank, and other supplies that, thankfully, never saw the light of day during this delivery.

When Ani fell asleep, Justin came out to help Jen in any way he could, mostly by shutting the hell up and getting her a drink. Less than 15 minutes later, Jen felt like she was going to start pushing. Two contractions later, Miles's head was completely visible. It took one more push to get him all the way out. This description makes the whole process sound quick and relatively easy. It was quick, but far from easy. Jen labored courageously, gracefully and pretty quietly.

Ani slept through the whole ordeal. When she awoke from her nap about 4:30, the majority of the mess was cleaned up. Jen was in the bathroom washing herself and Justin was holding Miles on the couch. At first, Ani didn't realize what had happened. She saw the inflated birthing pool and the shower curtains on the ground. She was excited but she wasn't sure why. She wanted to go for a swim in the pool, but Justin finally got her attention for long enough to explain that he was holding her new brother in his arms. She climbed up on the couch next to him, covered her eyes with her hands, and then removed them quickly saying, "peek-a-boo!" The moment was not captured on video, but those present swear that he cracked a smile.

ps. the official birth album (and source of the song in the video) is Meme by Milosh


Kevin said...

Misty and I were checking your new baby. Really cute. Misty said she wished she would have had our kids at home. I for one am glad we went the hospital route. Congratulations on the new little one. Can't wait to hang out with you guys when you get back. See ya soon.

Kevin & Misty

Kevin said...

Upon further investigation I should have immediately known it was your baby Justin. I could see his GIANT URETHRA.


SandpointMOM said...

Congratulations to all of you! Miles is beautiful and Jen and Ani both look so happy. I'm so glad the home birth was everything you wanted it to be. What a wonderful blessing.

The Filippini boys can't wait to meet Miles (and to introduce him to their baby sister in 5 months)!

Love and hugs, The Filippini Family

Enjoy these special first days. Looking forward to having you all home.

Nicole Rust said...

Jack Handy once said, "There are many uses for a shower curtain..." or was it a "tennis raquet"? We are so happy for you guys! Don't be upset when we see you if we hug the kids first... Love you, Nicole & fam

Doug Lutz said...

We just woke up to the news! Congratulations! Wow... Miles Landis... what an awesome name. He'll have to travel a few of them to come on home! We love you all.
PS Ani... say a thank you prayer to Jesus and kiss baby brother for us... and make sure he gets to Sandpoint all bundled up for winter in June.

Praying for you and your safe journey home,

The Lutz Clan

Anonymous said...

Hey Landis Family
We are so happy and excited about the arrival of Miles. Congratulations! You are all in our prayers and we are excited for you to return to North Idaho.
It's neat that the pregnancy ended in the very spot it all began...on the living room floor.

The Schreiners

Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys!! His eyes are a heart-stopper already! :) I enjoyed the birth narrative, Justin. You tell a story very well and are clever to circumvent having to tell the story 50 billion times ... ! :) I almost cried when I saw the picture of Miles looking up at his mommy ... too precious for words!! Miss you guys! Hurry home!!

Not pregnant Kar :)

David said...

Congrats!!Nice Narration my friend. Thank you for sharing this with us all. See you soon!

not yet,, David :)

Mark and Anita Aurit said...

Justin and Jen,
Miles is one gorgeous kid! Jen, 'can't believe how beautifull you look right after giving birth. Congratulations to you both.
Mark and Anita Aurit

Gina Stevens said...

Congratulations guys - what a beautiful boy! I love how naked Ani was concerned about Miles having his beanie on. Too Cute. Can't wait to see you all this summer. XOXO Gina

Larry said...

Good Morning Parents of Our Grandchildren,

Too beautiful, this new baby boy of yours. Thank you for the wonderful photos and video. Boy, we miss you so much and count the days until we get there. All of this makes us miss you more than ever.

Miles is absolutely beautiful and Ani 's participation in all of this reminds me of how special she really is. We love you and thank God for all good things.

Love You a Bunch,

Mom & Dad (Mary Ann & Larry)

Ryan Townsend said...

our deepest, sincerest congratulations even though weston and kim met Miles before we did.

great story...happy ending...we're thrilled for you guys.

love you three, I mean four!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news!! This email made my week. Funny I was wondering just the other day when this boy would make his debut! We are so happy for your family. Please let us know when you will be back in town.
Monique, Colin and the boys

jet said...

congrats Justin & Jen. he's beautiful. Glad the birth went well & yes, Jen looks great!!
Miles is such an awesome name. happy for you guys!
& great commentary... hilarious about Ani.

Luna said...

Congrats! I always play with the idea of a home birth, but it just hasn't happened (yet!) I love hear such wonderful success stories. Keep up the good work Mama and Dada!