So Much to Share, So Little Time

Our short time spent in California has been nothing, if not eventful. I have learned a ton about myself, (mostly disappointing revelations that have become opportunities for growth) nearly finished an associate's degree in liberal arts, (this semester will do it) and seen first hand why some say you can never really go home. So, as a result of more factors than I have time to go into right now (I've got to be at work at valet in 18 minutes) we have decided to move back to Sandpoint. Jen's folks are flying down at the end of June to help us pack and whatnot. Then Jen, her dad, and the kids are flying up on the first of July. Maryanne and I will be leaving around the same time and driving up. We are both so stoked. It's bittersweet because my folks are here, along with some very dear friends of mine. However, life being what it is, I see my folks maybe once a week, and the same with my friend, Ryan. We rarely get to just hang out because I'm always so exhausted, physically and emotionally, from working so hard at a joe job and still coming up short on rent money. Plus, there's usually homework to do. And I see Jen and Ani so little that I've become very protective of that time. So it doesn't leave much for just playing, creating music, or even hanging out. We get our families together from time to time, but they're as busy in their lives as we are, and the aligning windows of margin are few and far between.

So, we'll be back in July. We are so excited. The hotter it gets here, he more anxious we are.

I had a bunch of links from stuff I've come across recently. Academia is a world that suits me well, what with its debatable questions, new concepts, and unequal power relationships. I've been exposed to a lot of stuff that I want to share, but it'll have to wait for another time, because I now have 10 minutes to get to work.


Long Overdue (This Post, I Mean)

We had an ultrasound last week and found out that we're having a little boy. Whew...the pressure's off. Now we've got one of each (assuming the picture's accurate) so we can have whatever we want, next time, if there is a next time.

Official due date: May 30. Hopefully he'll be here sooner than later, but I have finals the week of the May 15, so he either needs to be here the week before or the week after. If he shows up that week, well, we'll just see what happens.