Online Offerings Worth a Watch

Thanks to a post over at newteevee.com I just discovered 2/8 Life, a series by the Independent Comedy Network (ICN). It's a spoof on another series that got thrashed by Karina at newteevee, but I haven't had time to watch it in between classes too. (Incidentally, I did do some research for my upcoming journalism paper too. It's not like I just sit around watching funny videos all day so leave me alone. Geez!)

Anyway, 2/8 Life is one of the funniest shows I've seen in quite a while. It does a great job satirizing self-indulgent drama like My So Called Life and even Lonelygirl15. While neither of these are as bad as Karina claims quarterlife to be in this article, 2/8 Life includes similar elements to those shows but, obviously, comedic and very well-written. It still feels like a homemade webisode, but i don't think that made me laugh any less. I definitely had to work hard not to disturb my fellow computer-lab users during my outbursts.

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