It's as Frustrating as it is Disgusting

This morning was spent designing a careful plan to bath, apply medicated lotion, and get the hell out of our house for 72 hours. Ani has scabies, and it's spreading. So far, Jen and I haven't seen any evidence on ourselves, but Ani's hands and feet are not looking good. We treated it a week ago, but it continued spreading. So this time, we're not going near our place for 72 hours, which is apparently the amount of time it takes scabies to die without a human host.

So, Jen and Ani are in Davis with her brother and sister-in-law. I'm at my folks' house. We've got to beat these little &^%$#s or we're gonna go crazy.

We spent the morning bathing strategically, just before the clothes in the dryer were finished, so we could go straight from towel to fresh clothes, out the door. Hopefully, this'll do it.


David said...

wow! When you told me this on the phone it didn't click in my mind what it was. I hope your plan works!!

jet said...

eww! there was a scabies outbreak at my college one time. it was the other side of my hall... but i took advantage of the free coin laundry! hot water launder... oh boy. hope you beat it!