First New Song in a While

I wrote these lyrics this morning and added some music this evening. It's rough, but it's something.


Dusty said...

Nice work, I'll have to listen to it a couple more times to catch the lyrics. Been trying to learn to hear the chords and can't seem to pay attention to words anymore. :\

Colin said...

i really like this song. it has a great coffeehouse sort of sound (in a good way) and it has a Johnny Cash-esque momentum to it. i think you are the new man in black.

like dustin, i kept losing myself in the music and didn't hear all the words. i will talk to the presentation team and we'll get some lyrics up on screen, stat.

thanks for posting the song. it's encouraging to see that your musical talent moved with you to california. peace!

David said...

I like it!!! I was a little hard to hear the lyrics but what I heard I really liked. I also really liked the chord progression.

Ryan Townsend said...

hey, that song is great...let's record it.