moving day...almost

I got to bed shortly after 1 last night. This morning we went over to Larry's house for breakfast with him and the Daughertys (Jen's sister's family). It was a great morning, if a little early. We spent the rest of the day packing, cleaning and more packing and cleaning. My wife is a dynamo. During this pregnancy she's really been needing her rest. The late night combined with the early morning and the tons of work to do, she was incredible.

We were trying to leave on Wednesday but decided that with the errands we have to run and our strong desire to make the trip in 2 days instead of 3, we'll just leave on Thursday. I think we're gonna spend the night with Jen's mom tomorrow night in Spokane. We'll be an hour and a half closer.

Delirium is setting in as the 10 o'clock hour begins. I'm gonna try to get a bunch of photos of the trip. Hopefully I'll remember.

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