To Quote Will Ferrell Playing Alex Trebek...

"...and the show has reached a new low."

I was chatting with some friends the other day when the subject of a new hallucinogenic drug arose. I don't remember the context of the situation, but suffice it to say such strange topics are not a rarity. This "new" drug is made by fermenting human sewage and seems to be known, from my limited internet research, as "jenkem."

There's a relatively extensive wikipedia entry describing its origins with Zambian street children as well as recent media attention. The thing that's gonna make this hard to control is that everyone can make it for free.

The thing that's gonna make it hard to use is that according to the wiki, "it has been noted that Jenkem usage will leave a taste of sewage in the mouth lasting for several days." Don't forget the Listerine chaser.

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