It Got a Lot Better Tonight

It's way past my bedtime and the whole house is dark save the digital glow of my wife's macbook pro. It's way past my bedtime but in the interest of balance I have to share an update after my last post.

Things started looking up this afternoon. The new Christmas clothes I got looked a lot better in the mirrors at home than they did at the store so my self-image (which apparently changes in less time than it'll take me to write this aside) improved. Then tonight, the going-away party was a blast. We hung out at Doug and Kaycee Lutz's house and most of our friends from the band and tech teams were here. It was a great night of hanging out together. I got to connect with everyone for a bit. The kids played well together. The food was great. I couldn't ask for more.

This was another great reminder of what incredible friends we have here and how different life is gonna be without them. It also served as another proof that things that seem like a big deal right now won't be soon. Life moves pretty fast ("if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it," thank you Ferris Bueller) and for me that means that the thing that's bothering me today probably won't be bothering me tomorrow. And whatever I'm proud of now will fade quickly.

I'm really gonna miss the people I've gotten to work so closely with in the band and tech teams of cedar hills. They are truly a remarkable group of people. Between my family and friends, I couldn't have planned out a better life.

P.S. Also, as I was googling the Lutz's to try to add some linkage, I came upon this video of Wade, their eldest son. I shot this video like 4 years ago and posted it to youtube and googlevideo. Somehow, it made it to clipplay.com, whatever that is. Here's the video.

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