A Great New Year's Eve

(warning: no-caps post)
jen and I went over to jason and jen hauck's house for a new year's eve party with eric & nicole, bryce & melissa (happy new year's!!! it just turned midnight) and bob & april. it was such a fun night. we started with some fondue including venison and beef in oil as well as bread in molten cheese. we moved on to a very sophisticated wine tasting. unfortunately, i'm the low-brow member of the group. i had to have my pregnant wife smell each glass to tell me if it was any good or not I had some company with bryce, who is also not much of a wine connoisseur.

the wine tasting finished nicely with just a hint of a buzz. we moved rapidly on to catch phrase where the women proceeded to make the men look like women (a sexist way of saying the women kicked our testostorized asses) we spent a large portion of the time rolling in laughter over what eric thought "beaver cleaver" meant. let's just say he had no idea it was a television reference.

it was a great night. i had a conversation with melissa that got me really stoked about public relations. i'm gonna study p.r. at fresno state and am stoked to see what comes of that. she convinced me of a few key things.

  1. being in p.r. doesn't mean pimping companies that suck. she is very intentional about choosing great clients who offer a great product and challenging those who she thinks could use a little more brainstorming.
  2. being a p.r. rep doesn't mean pretending to be an objective person and claiming a product is great. full disclosure is an important aspect to what she counsels her clients to embrace, and i'm all about that.
  3. being myself can be a plus. i am not good at kowtowing to "the man" and i also suck at pretending to be something i'm not. my online persona matches my real life persona pretty well. i used to think my online persona was too playful and goofy, but i am a playful and goofy person. a professional persona online would definitely confuse any potential employers and possibly land me a gig that i would hate and do a bad job at.
thanks melissa for the info. i'm very excited about the possibility of telling people about incredible new companies and getting paid or it. hopefully his whole public relations thing will work out.

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