How Does the Holy Spirit Interact with Us?

Here’s a journal post I wrote this morning based on the following verse:


Acts 4:8a “Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them…”


Reading through this passage reminds me of the importance of being connected to and prompted by God’s Holy Spirit.  When Cedar Hills (the church I helped to start 6 years ago) began we had to work hard to convince people that the Holy Spirit can work in advance as easily as he can “in the moment.”  In reflection, I wonder if the whole conversation is somewhat of a fallacy.  Undoubtedly the Holy Spirit works “in the moment,” but he also guides us far in advance.  When we are faced with predictable circumstances in which there is a usual method of operation, we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide our planning process.  I’ve felt this a lot recently in terms of planning our gatherings.  Song choices have coincided well with teaching topics with more effectiveness than I have expected.  I have made several recent choices based on a feeling that it’s something that we “should” do, not necessarily because I see the great fit.


The converse is true as well.  In situations where we are unable to prepare or where change occurs, we must rely on the Holy Spirit for leading “in the moment.”  We also must be aware that the leading we receive in the moment may be apparent to us or it may be a result of the progress he’s been making in us in the past.  As Christians we should be continually relying on the Holy Spirit for his leading whether in the everyday progress of life or “in the moment.”

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Michael Y said...

Well said. It is scary that sometimes people will say you are not allowing the Holy Spirit to work if you are not constantly spontaneous. However, the infinite Holy Spirit can certainly work ahead of schedule. I do think we should always keep ourselves open to his influence, in the moment or ahead of time.