Higher Education, Here I Come!!

In August 2001, I moved from Clovis, CA to Sandpoint, ID with Eric & Nicole Rust to help start Cedar Hills Church. I was 22 years old, idealistic as the day is long and very energetic. A couple years later I met an incredible woman who would be come my wife. Less than a year after we were married, we had our first daughter and now we're expecting number 2.

The next chapter in our lives has been a mystery to us until recently. After much discussion, deliberation, waffling, prayer, vacillating and a bit of him-hawing, we've decided to move nearer an institution of higher education so that I can finish a bachelor's degree that I started nearly a decade ago (ouch). We're moving (back for me) to Clovis, CA. We're gonna live with my parents, at least for a while, and I'm going to attend California State University Fresno.

What am I gonna study? Great question. Maybe electrical engineering, maybe mass communications, maybe whatever degree my previous 3 years of college have gotten me closest to.

While we're very excited about this decision, the reality of having to leave so many people that we love is sinking in with each passing day. I know that part is only going to get harder and am sort of bracing myself for the impact.

Regardless, this period of our lives has been a time of incredible change and growth that will stay with us always. The relationships we have here have meant the world to us. It's hard for me to imagine life without those we've grown close to.

The plan at this point is for our final day with Cedar Hills to be December 30th. We'll probably roll out around the first of the year. I start school mid-January. Wow.

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