Christmas music is playing already!! AHHHH!!!!!!

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In an effort to not be left behind, I've added this handy countdown widget so you know exactly how long until Christmas Day.

Every year, Christmas is such a wonderful reminder of the birth of Jesus and just how much commercial success we can milk it for. It makes me proud to be a capitalist!

If you're planning on exchanging presents with someone you care about, or even someone you feel culturally or socially obligated to, here's a great way to give a gift that will benefit a seller who could use some help.

NightLight is an organization in Bangkok, Thailand that helps women and children caught in the vortex of the sex trade, to climb out and find gainful employment elsewhere.

This is a link to the website where you can buy jewelry made by these women. In this way, we can continue to express our love for each other tangibly while also helping some people who are doing there best to make a living without renting their bodies. The gifts we give are nice, but the gift of freedom is one I rarely have opportunity to give.

Merry Christmas

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