Acer still thinks (knows?) i'm a sucker

today i got this response from my last response to Sarah at Acer Corporate Customer Care.

Hello Justin,

I did check on the history of your unit and it appears to be about 5 months out of warranty, therefore any repairs preformed would have a fee of $449. If you would like to set up service, you can contact 800-816-2237 and they would be happy to help you out.

Thank you,

Sarah Wykes
Acer America
Corporate Customer Care

shocking!! i must give her props for responding the next day, and i know she's just acting on behalf of Acer, so, Sarah, i know it's not your fault. anyway, here's my latest response. (i can feel my heart race just thinking about how little Acer cares about my troubles)

That’s very true Sarah, and it seems to prove my point, that although your tech support team was unable to fix it while it was under warranty Acer’s not willing to work hard to win my business. I’m sure individuals like me are a small portion of Acer’s income so it’s understandable. However, paying for acer to try to fix something that they were unable or unwilling to fix while the item was under warranty seems more than a little ridiculous.

Thanks again for trying, but I fear the best Acer can do is give me excuses and charge me for things that should have been included, like software that wasn’t reloaded at the repair depot, and product repairs that were botched twice while the unit was under warranty.

justin landis

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