john edwards seems nice

i've been watching the chooseorlose.com streaming video of a john edwards q&a session at the university of new hampshire. it's making me sort of like john edwards. the only thing that's kind of funny is that while i agree with most of what he says, he almost sounds too idealistic to me and i wonder if he's just playing to the crowd. i mean, it's a university crowd so of course they're on the liberal end of social and international issues. he's almost coming across too idealistic - like it's hard for me to believe that he'd actually do what he says because it all sounds so noble. i guess time will tell.

anyone have any ideas about presidential candidates?




i feel like i should be writing but i'm not sure what to write about

do i even want to be a "blogger?"

what's the point of Thursday anyway?

is this malaise?



summer vaca' photos

i think the best way to see the country is with one's eyes. the information captured optically is so much more visula than that captured through the ears, nose, mouth and touch receptors.

these photos memorialize who we were when we saw the country more than they do the country that we saw. nonetheless, they seemed, at least at the moment, worth sharing.

appropriately, no method for smelling the country can beat one's nose. (this is nonesense)


wow, what a week!

i'm so behind on blogging that the thought of catching up almost makes me shake. i spent the week in pennsylvania with my family, immediate and extended, to say a final goodbye to my grandpa and honor the life he lived. i'm gonna try to post more about this but it'll take me some time to put it all down. the week was great. i missed having my own family (jen and ani) there with me, but for being on my own that way, it was really good. just a couple simple bullet points are:

  • i doled out marriage counseling to the lady sitting next to me on the flight from pittsburgh to harrisburg.
  • i got in a fight with my brother (verbal only)
  • one of my female cousins was kissed on the cheek by some random guy in a late-night hotdag stand and there was almost a brawl
  • my father was warned innumerable times (by my grandma) to "watch those curbs" as he chauffeured everyone around in her cadillac.
  • we got lost on the way to the funeral
  • we drove nearly 2 hours to get to an all-you-can-eat restaurant called the shady maple, but referred to by me as the "sweaty maple" as an homage to the perspiration brought on by sudden and intense fits of gluttony
stay tuned for more text as well as photos. it's gonna be good if i get around to it.


farewell grandpa

i'm gonna take a short aside from the vacation mini-series that i was thinking about posting cause it's been a strange week. i found out this morning that my grandpa died. he's been very ill for quite a while, and honestly his death should come as more of a relief than anything. his last few weeks were very uncomfortable for him as his body worked up to give its formal resignation. my dad told me that when he was in florida visitng, my grandpa had been in pain. when the drugs kicked in to kill the pain, grandpa went to sleep. when he was alert he was hurting, and so the cycle went. so thank God he's died now and begins the next leg of his journey.

on saturday night a friend from church, rich herman, died. he'd also been weakening for quite some time. he hadn't eaten anything in over 40 days. he had cancer that had been threatening to take him for years, in fact i don't think this is the first time he was given no more than a couple weeks by doctors. but they were finally right and he cast off sometime saturday evening, i think.

strangely, both of these events are withing spitting distance of my own recent recognition of mortality. i see the world around me with eyes that i've never used before. this might seem stupid, but i'm finally starting to fear death. i think it's sort of like how parents are never afraid of monsters. it's not because they're so tough or strong, it's because they know there's no real danger there. the same way young people don't fear death. well, i'm officially not a "young person" anymore. i'd be out of place at any college party. not yet creepily out of place, but definitely sadly out of place.

so, goodbye grandpa. i wish i knew you better. you taught me some memorable and valuable lessons about how to be a patient husband on a long shopping trip. you also taught me not to take life too seriously. i guess i don't know how exactly like i don't remember any specific times or anything, but it seems like he was the type who'd be equally comfortable at the kids and adults table. i love you grandpa.