sanuk calls them sandals

so, i got these on sunday afternoon. my other sandals, which really liked, blew out. they were redleys. the natural rubber top sole is not only slip-resistant, but they are the only sandals i've ever owned that didn't stink to high heaven.

anyway, these were available locally and were the only thing i could find that felt decent. i'm loving them. they're comfortable, (and getting more so every day) and unique. they're not too hot, although a bit hotter than sandals. the other beauty is just the feel of them versus walking in sandals.

so if you're interested, check them out at sanuk.com. the model is called "donny."

oh, and i'm wearing a black t-shirt today. so if you see someone wearing a black t-shirt, it might be me and you could check out the sandals for yourself if you ask me nicely.

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