seems strange now

from where i sit today things are looking different. yes, it is physically a different place, but primarily what i'm referring to is my state of mind. the blog post below this one was once a source of pride for me, even 6 days ago when i posted it, but today it seems strange. i'm a little sick and very tired, and these 2 factors combined equal a justin who is not terribly interested in much more than whatever i feel like right now. it's not a great state to be in and i typically do a good job man\aing it, but when i feel worn down as i do today i have a tendency to slip into this funk more easily (and unfortunately more comfortably).

my goal is to be in a place in lfie where this mood comes as seldom as possible. i doubt i'll ever ditch it for good, but until then, i'll be hoping God decides to give me the strength to be a decent person, and not the total prick that i feel like i want to be (and am entitled to be).

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