america the beautiful

i really wanted to title this blog after one of the songs on the team america: world police soundtrack but it seemed a bit crass, even for me... or at least more crass than i'd like to be known as.

anywho, reaclimating to life in america has been good and busy. i think one of the main reasons why we're one of the most developed and richest nations in the world is that we NEVER TAKE A BREAK!! i know, i know. i'm choosing to live this way. you're right. i know you are. it's just been challenging for me to relax because i know that my only worth comes from what i accomplish not from who i am. so i'm working hard to become someone better than who i am.

i haven't done much to compile the footage and photos from the trip yet. joosung is coming over here tomorrow and that'll be really good. we can at least get started.

also, i got a cel phone, so... another status symbol for me. (are cel phones still considered status symbols? i certainly hope so.)


Dusty said...

there are two L's in Cell phone, now give me your number punk!

Curt Sell said...

I think you're being sarcastic, but I don't know you well enough yet. It's WAY more important who you are than what you accomplish. Feel free to turn off the cell phone and relax!

justin said...

yes, i am being sarcastic. ironically, even though i recognize that what i'm saying is the opposite of the truth, i feel it anyway.

plus, i love having a cell phone just because i hate not being able to make a call when the mood strikes.

Hale-Yeah! said...

stop blogging and get to work on your status! Actually, the whold Africa missionary thing is pretty hot right now, so you're already climbing the ladder. Now you just need a beemer and a rubber bracelet to champion your cause!