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it's thursday and we leave on monday. i'd like to say that it's too soon, but i can't wait to get home to my family. we're in the crunch time of the trip now, getting all the final shots we haven't been able to yet, and all the interviews that we need. joosung will stay for another week or so, so if i need more, he can work on it next week. i'm thinking we're gonna be good though.

the last 2 days we traveled out into the bush to go to villages there. yesterday was a 4+ hour drive, 3 hours on a dirt road that wouldn't pass for a hiking trail in the states. as intense as the travel is though, the impact of the trek is well worthwhile. these villagers are all but forgotten. moses, the leader of the gospel messengers here, is very serious about helping the poor and the neglected and these villagers are the epitome of that. they rarely get any visitors, let alone foreigners. the whole way to the village, everyone we pass waves excitedly at the new white faces.

we spent our time there playing with kids, singing songs for them and doing some business with the sponsorship program. it was hot and i'm sunburned pretty bad now, but it was a great day. i saw several people who i knew from last year, including a kid named michael who has aspirations to be a singer.

the ride home was long, but we made it. today, kevin, joosung and i stayed here in kampala in order to get some much-needed time with ben and straxy to film. however, the power was out and our batteries were drained (literally, not figuratively) so we're killing time and waiting for the power to come on at home. as we were leaving the apartment, i made a joke about driving, which was taken seriously, so i ended up driving us here. i haven't felt that much adrenaline pounding in quite a while, but about halfway here i realized that the chaos is actually a well-orchestrated dance of distraction. a bike whizzes here and a truck stops there, but somehow it all jst works together. the ride home will hopefully end as successfully as the ride here. if not, that'll be a key point of the next blog entry.

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Curt Sell said...

It's cool to see this in action. Hillary said these were always chained up before when you guys went there. Hope you had a safe trip home and are enjoying time with your family. Thanks for all the photos. They're amazing!