we're in london

it's like 11:30 am in sandpoint and 7:35 pm in London.  the flight was fine.  i slept quite a bit and tried 3 times to watch  "the painted veil" or something like that.  it was so slow ad i was too tired for that kind of story.  there were several kids on board, which i barely noiced until we were about to land.  one of them somewhere behind me was completely inconsolable for the last 30 minutes or so.  it didn't bother me a lick.  i wanted to offer to help the parents out.  as we walked out the gangway to the terminal, joosung couldn't stop talking about how annoyed he was with the kids.  i guess experience is a powerful teacher.  i remember the stress of flying across country with ani, let alone across the world. 

we're at heathrow where we arrived this morning at noon local time.  we had a 9 hour layover ahead of us, so joosung and i decided to go into london or a few hours.  kevin had a paper to type and send for his master's class so he stayed behind.  we picked up the "tube" (subway) at the airport.  it cost about $12 for a day pass to go wherever.  the tube ride was interesting in terms of the people on it.  it struck me like a scene from an indie film.  there was a young woman who appeared, to me, to be french.  she was checking her face in her compact,then pulled out an apple for a snack.  the guy across from me was engulfed in his music.  there was a couple standing together in the corner enjoying each others' company.  there was another young woman with huge hoop earrings talking with an older woman and listening to her music.  joosung and i dozed in and out of sleep throughout the almost hour-long ride.we went in to piccadilly circus and walked from there.

our first stop was mcdonalds, naturally, where we spent about $9 a piece on value meals.  london's expensive, man.  we were gonna go to a pub but i don't think we had enough money.  we walked from there the absolute wrong direction for about 10 minutes before joosung realized that we were going in the wrong direction.  we got directions and were on our way.  we saw trafalgar square, westminster abbey and the london eye .  it was good times.  we just shot some photos and some video.  it rained a bit but not bad.  we walked a lot, like 2 hours worth.

back in the airport now and getting ready to board in 40 minutes or so.  kevin and joosung and i bought some sandwiches at a litte deli that were pretty good.  still expensive though. i can't imagine how anyone can afford to live here.

after dinner, kevin and i sat in the cafe area for a while.  a family sitting across the room came and went, occupying their kids in the meantime between flights.  the youngest girl cried at one point and it made me sad because she sounded like ani.  i miss her and jen so much already.  hopefully it'll get easier once we really get to work.

another 10 hours and we should be there.  posts may be sporadic, but i'll do my best. 

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