sincere apologies for the mass email

due to the slow speed of internet access, i chose the convenient-yet-slightly-rude-and-impersonal choice of sending a message to my whole contact list.  please forgive me.  i just wanted to let everyone know that i am blogging during my time in uganda and you can read more at justinlandis.blogspot.com.  i'm also doing my best to post photos to flickr.  you can view those at flickr.com/photos/futuremann/

again, apologies for the mass email.



The Filippini Family said...

Thanks for the heads-up - - no matter how it came. It's great to be reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing and keep the pixs coming. Have a wonderful trip!

Hale-Yeah! said...

how cool is the internet that you can be halfway around the world and still talk to us here? 10-15 years ago would've been a different story.

Ryan Townsend said...

you're a jerk, I expect PERSONAL emails from Africa...haha


Jill Exner said...

Hi Justin-What a beautiful picture of Bernard. I cried when I saw it and the other pictures. I was heart broken that I couldn't go at this time. After reading your blog and looking at the pics, I went outside to work on my yard to make it look nice after the winter. It was so meaningless. Since I know what the Ugandans are like, I would rather be there than anywhere else. Having a nice kept yard seems so screwy. I hope your itinary includes checking up on Sandra. I have some photos of her but the info I have has been scetchy. I'd love to know how she is doing. I'm happy you are there. Sorry this is so long.
Take care. Jill