matsiko standing up for himself

matsiko standing
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so, i ran out of time yesterday to finish the previous post. here goes...

the hiv - part was definitely the best news of the test. he is currently malnourished. i'm sure that life in the village where they live is far from cosmopolitan when it comes to concern for a balanced diet. probably plenty of rice and bean and that's about it. so the doc put him on some vitamin supplements, some malaria medicine and some other minerals. he's supposed to go back for a check-up in 2 weeks tosee if he's improving.

the story of this boy is such a miracle though because of where he's come from. in a very real way, it's a great picture of the idea of process. if a child born healthy to a loving mother and father was in the same condition that matsiko's in, it would be a tragedy. but for him, it's cause for celebration because he's come so far. in the same way, we all begin the day with different advantages and headstarts and shortcomings, etc. to expect us all to be side by side at the end of the day seems a little strange. rather, we should encourage eachother to progress from the current position.

matsiko still has a ways to go before he'll be a thriving healthy child, but he'll get there. he's got a people who love him and care for him well. he's got a sharp mind and loads of potential. i can't wait to see how this guy ends up.

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Jill Exner said...

What a difference a year nakes. To have seen him last year. The love and compassion that you and Jen laid upon this boy Justin and his adoptive mother is what life is about. I know we all pray for continued health and growth for him. God is everywhere.