matsiko in the van

matsiko in the van
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this little guy was dragged into the makeshift clinic where jen was working last year by the arm. his father held him carelessly and if not for his eyes that still ahda bit of life left in them, we could've taken the boy for dea. his skin hung off of his body like a loose pair of pants on an old man. he didn't move a muscle or respond to being held by some strange white woman. jen helped to bathe him and clothe him before the discussion of what to do with him commenced.

a woman from the village there, Harriet, volunteered to take him even though she had 8 other kids of her own. he has come sofar from where he was and yet still has a ways to go. he has now been tested and found to hiv negative. this is awesome because both his parents are hiv+. (more to come)

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