in uganda at last

we arrived at entebe this morning about 7:45.  one of my bags was left in london, but what's a brother to do?  at least that was the only complication for the group.  seeing all our ugandan friends has been sogood and has really reminded me why i love them so much. 
on a side note, as we were leavng the airport we saw the hanger that keith and janderson worked out of when they were here.
the day's been good.  we're all exhausted and joosung's a little sick, but i think a good night's rest will do wonders.
i'm gonna get to see a kid we sponsor, daniel matsiko, tomorrow.  his health has been shaky so we're gonna get him checked out and hopefully pinpoint the problem. 
i don't think we're gonna travel tokenyawith the group from corbin college.  it would be a big chunck out of our time here and i'm not sure we could complete the opther projects.  plus, the last few days here will be spent in villages doing the sponsiorship and medical work that we did last time.
out of time on this machine.  later

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Danielle said...

Glad to hear that you are there safe! Bummer about your bag. Stay Safe; Prayin for ya!