how much is too much? (and i'm gonna see benny hinn)

i was walking through one of the alleys that iwalk through every time we leave our condo and i was processing my relationship to it.  not that it came as a surprise, but i realized that my presence, to many of the people i see, is akin to the presence of a movie star or musician that imuch admire.  however, when i'm at home and comfortable, i may come across an article or story reminding me of the average salary of a professional athlete or actor, and i may think, "that is ridiculous.  no one should make that much money, unless they're giving a large portion of it away."  the weird thing is that in terms of ratios, pro-athlete:me = me:some-people-i've-met-here.  doea that mean that i'm ridiculously rich?  can i brush it off with a simple cost-of-living analysis?  doi change my attitude about the professional athlete and recignize that they're doing thei best for where they are... just like i am?
i don't know.  i vascillate between the options like a pedestrian weaving through rows of stopped vans and zipping motorcycles.  it is interesting to think about though.
part 2.  the christian culture in uganda is sort of like what it would probably be in the states if all the evangelists in the 80's hadn't turned out to be human after pretending to be better than.  they adore the likes of joyce meyers,benny hinn and creflo dollar.  they couldn't believe that i hadn't heard of creflo dollar (he's a tv pastor for those of you who don't know).  i had a conversation about benny hinn with straxy and he was saying that hinn's human so we can't expect him to have it all together.  straxy feels that he is "annointed" and that God uses him powerfully. imust admit that i don't want to change his mind.  i did.  but now irealize that it really sin't the cut and dried isue i thought it was.  if God encourages straxy and thousands of others through benny hinn, who am i to argue or try to discount him? 
anyway, kevin and i are gonna goto the big benny hinn crusade (i called it a concert and was promptly corrected).  we'll leave the house tomorrow at 2 for a 5 o clockstart time so that we can walk to the stadium which promises to be overrun by believers, miracle-seekers and skeptics alike.  actually, kevin and i may be the only representatives of the latter category, but we'llbe there nonetheless.  we'll be soaking up the experience and maybe learning something new about the reverend benny hinn (one of the many reasons why i cringe if the title "reverend" is ever attached to my name)  i've actually already started praying that God would open my heart and mind to what may happen at this conce...crusade.  i'll blog again with my reflections.

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I'm the Rev. Ryan Townsend and I'm rich and well fed...put me on TV.