great times in uganda

today will be our first official day of shooting.  we did some recording of the choir last night and it went pretty well.  they came to our condo to perform for us.  i cut a short clip of it that i will try to post sometime soon, but i'm not sure whether that'll work or not.

yesterday was a great day.  we went to the church gathering in the morning.  we got there a bit late - about 10:30 - and we left at 2.  the gathering was still going after we left but it was just announcements and whatnot so we were excused.  i got to play with the band which was fun.  the service is always interesting.  the main speaker preached for an hour and a half.  the other 3 speakers were between 30 and 45 minutes each.  the whole thing is in both english and luganda, but it's still difficult to understand the english.

yesterday evening the choir came to our place.  after they left we hung out with our ugandan friends for a while.  it was a nice night.

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