one of my most recent lessons in international travel - bring your own shower head.  i can't really complain at all as i had a HOT shower last night.  and for those of you who don't know, a simple shower is a rarity, let alone a warm one.  it was a thing of beauty.  it may have taken me a full minute to get my hair wet, but it was wonderful nonetheless.
today my other bag arrived to entebbe, so we went to pick it up.  the ride was comfortable as the cool breeze hit my face.  we passed sunflower seeds around the van and all had a chew along the way.  the arrival at the airport was only the beginning of the chase, but i finally caught the wild goose in the same office where i filed the papers for missing baggage.  another guy on the flight had lost his bags and he was there at the same time.  i recognized him because he was dressed in the white robes of a monk and i had a brief interchange with him on the plane when i asked if i could share his row of three and he declined saying he ws gonna strecth out to sleep.  it turns out he's a part of a group called the missionaries of the poor.  they are a group of people, i think just men, who live a monastic life in jamaica caring for the poor all over the world.  he is here in Uganda for a short time before he'll travel to kenya to look into their mission there.  i got some information from him and will hopefully keep in touch.
we'll go to church with the group tomorrow, which is always an interesting experience.  they worship so differently from us in the u.s. and yet it is so effective for them.  God works in all kinds of ways through al kinds of people.
i was able to upload some photos to flickr.  the keyword for this group is "Uganda trip 2007".  i can't get a link right now so i hope you can find them.


Carrie and Darin said...

We SO wish we were there. :(
Well, we are praying for you! God's Work is in good hands! (I hope that sounded right.....?)

howard landis said...

Hi Son, Good to read about your adventures in Africa - makes me wish I could be there with you. Maybe next year. Today is Mother's Day; Blake came to The Quest this morning then we had lunch at Dai Bai Dang. It was good to have some time with him. He seems to be doing pretty good; he takes his test for his electrician's license this coming Friday - passing that will be a great accomplishment for him. More later. Love, Dad