returning to the scene of the crime

on tuesday, ani became the first artist in the family to experiment with ink drawing...on the walls and carpet and bedspread and couch and...

it was a tumultuous day to say the least, but we've come through with mostly faded colors thanks to rubbing alcohol (not to drink, to clean the stains. geez!) the ink on the walls is still crisp because we're gonna have to repaint anyway.

i finally found the camera today and got some pics of her returning to the scene of the crime.
(for a slideshow click here)


Hale-Yeah! said...

oh, that hurts! Even on the comforter? whew.

Danielle said...

If that is as bad as it gets for ya, your lucky. My parents took pictures so they could hold it against me if my kids ever do anything like that (I will never give them power tools!) Some day's they just are too cute; all you can do is laugh.