i don't know how long it's been since i've posted here, but it's been quite some time. i always want to blame it on inspiration, which is a part of the problem, but i think the bigger part is a lesser idea about the potential benefit of being a faithful blogger. here are some assumptions i held when i started blogging:

  1. if i blog regularly people will begin to follow my story and experiences.
  2. i will probably gain a level of notoriety because this blog's gonna be really good.
  3. at some point, i will be able to monetize my energy based on the vast following of people who are literally foaming at the mouth in anticipation of my next post
it turns out that these assumptions may have been a bit more fantasy than fact. this realization doesn't mean that i'm done with blogging. it does mean that i can feel less pressure to post and less guilt when i don't who knows, maybe this realization will make me feel even more free blog.


Hale-Yeah! said...

I just like that I haven't spoken to you in probably 10 years, and now I can "talk" to you a couple times a week and get to see what's going on in your life.

justin said...

yeah true that. and really, that's been an awesome side effect that i never expected.