hooray for national fear day!!

i'm thinking of launching the first ever national fear day. after the recent bomb scare because of cartoon ads, it seems like the ideal time to get some momentum behind fear. initially, while the idea seemed really good, i wasn't sure it'd really catch on. i mean, boston was the only city that reacted with such a high level of fear. there are many other metro areas that didn't get scared so easily, which let me know that i'd have my work cut out for me.

the response, however, was encouraging. we saw that even though the fear wasn't as widespread as i'm sure we all would've liked, the blame afterwards was aquarely on the advertisers. this surprising assignment of blame reminds us all that the root of the issue is to be ignored in favor of any and all scapegoats.

instead of seeing the reaction to these signs as a lesson to all of us that we may be approaching a level of national paranoia that can and should be addressed, we chose to punish the network for not considering that lighted signs in the shape of a cartoon character could be considerd a terrorist threat. shame on them!

anyway, i still like national fear day, but i'm thinking if there's a way to combine a national fear day with a national blame day, i may be sitting on the next billion dollar idea complete with closed post offices and a line of hallmark cards.

if you wanna be rich when this blows up, be sure to buddy up with me now, 'cause i'm sure that as the spokesperson/champion for national blame and fear day (n.b.f.d.), i won't have time for my friends anymore.

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