if you love the outdoors so much, why don't you marry them?

i heard an ad on the radio today for the outdoor network's new HD channel. they were encouraging me to call my cable provider because "it looks lo good it's like being there." does this strike anyone else as a bit strange? if i love the outdoors so much, why am i watching it on tv instead of walking out my door? i could see making such a channel available in prison, hospitals and elder care homes, but otherwise, shouldn't it be called the poser-wannabe network? i mean, just get off the couch, open the front door and voila, you're outside. it's in full-color, stereo-vision. you even get the added level of sensory involvement with the olfactory and tactile aspects of the real outdoors versus the high-def glory of OLN HD.

just a thought. and by the way, i'm not particularly an outdoors person so you'd just as likely catch me watching OLN HD as actually outside sucking in the fresh air.


Kevin said...

Did you happen to catch how I might get that channel? I think there might be a whole different way of advertising for that channel. Think of it.... All of the joy and sounds of the outdoors, without the bugs, hot sun, and weird smells, plus as a free added bonus, complete safety. No chance of getting lost in the woods, falling off a cliff, freezing to death, or eaten by some sort of wild thing, whatever lives out there. You can go on long hikes, never get tired, sweat, even have a video record of the whole thing without carrying a camera. I am starting to see the beauty of a channel like this. I have also put way too much thouht into this comment. I need to go outside.... and smoke.

David said...

I love the outdoors and I would watch OLN in HD. Hell, I would watch every channel in HD if I could. I do love the outdoor but it's not very likley that I'm going to be climbing Mt. Everest anytime soon or exploing the land of the Aztex's.