fixing up a house is like riding a stationary bike...

you're pretty sure your doing some good, but you don't really see much for results until you're looking back.

i spent all day today putting some of the finishing touches on a house remodel that was started in December, 2004. there were a bunch of areas that needed trim and baseboards. we (3 of my friends and i) also began building a closet, and put up some tongue & groove (t&g) pine in the bathroom adjacent the shower in order to screw towel hooks to the wood (good idea) instead of screwing them to the drywall (bad idea).

i expected the project list i had would probably take the four of us about 4 hours. instead, i beagan at 7 and worked until 8. the fellas came and went during that time, but altogether, we put in over 30 man hours today at my house and there's still work to be done. hopefully tomorrow will be the final day, but who knows.

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