sometimes i'm a freedom fighter, sometimes i'm a wermacht

i've been playing day of defeat source. it's a pc game that is based on ww2 that includes online play with and against other people who don't prioritize their time well. i bought this game with a best buy gift certificate that igot for Christmas (thanks eban). it's a blast! i can logon anytime day or night and find people to play with. you can choose to be apart of the us team or the german team, or you can allow the server to choose for you. all things being equal, i choose the us team - mostly because the sniper rifles have better sights, but it also just feels alittle better - but my priority is on joining the team that's losing or short-handed.

in recemt days, i've found myself attempting to philosophically justify playing video games. it's a tough task. sure, it's entertainment. sure it's enjoyable. that doesn't mean there's necessarily any redeeming quality to them. for now i'm contented with that, but i still feel like it's something i should hide. that seems strange.

are there things in your life that you feel you should hide and yet you know it's no big deal?

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Brian said...

I actually told a big client the other day how hard it was for me to finally get my wii, and then it ran through my mind: "I wonder if I should've just told him that the same guy who is handling his money is also playing video games at night?" oh well, that's me. take it or leave it.