the new wave in concert souvenirs

i recently signed up as an artist at discrevolt.com. i was turned on to this site by ryan townsend of the overdubs when he sent me a few of his cards. the basic idea is that an artist uploads their music to this site, uploads artwork, and then creates a debit-sized card that is good for downloading 15 songs. the idea is that while cds are more or less passe, it's still cool to have something to sell at a merch table. if you're peddling cds, the likely scenario is that the new owner will take it home, load it into their computer, enjoy the artwork while it's importing and then shelve it to be forgotten. the idea with discrevolt is that you still have something tangible to take home, but instead of ripping it, you go to their site and download the music. here's the beauty. let's say the album i've just purchased a card for has 12 tracks, but the card's good for 15 tracks. now i can take those other 3 credits, browse the featured music of other artists and buy 3 more songs with my leftover credits. i like that. plus, the cards are high quality and cool to collect while also being less bulky than a cd. and if you've ever bought a cd at a show and then tried to fit it into your pocket only to find yourself walking funny or whincing every time the sharp plastic edge digs into your thigh, you're gonna love discrevolt.com.

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Brian said...

that's pretty cool. Great idea for the concert sales. For some reason, I still prefer buying CD's and putting them into my iTunes. I like to keep the artwork and liner notes in binders. Plus, you can rip them in at a higher bit rate (over 300) compared to iTunes' 128. I'm kind of a music snob, sorry.